A Voter Guide for We the People of Ventura County

A non-partisan presentation of the candidates who best represent the interests of We the People of Ventura County. We are identifying those candidates who will serve our county with integrity and who have history in our communities.

Don’t know the candidates?

This voter guide will introduce you to each of the offices up for election as well as the candidates running.  We have included our recommendations based on analysis of their qualifications, experience, personal values and vision for the county’s future.

The June 7th election will determine our county’s sheriff, district attorney (law enforcement leaders) , assessor, treasurer-tax collector, auditor controller and could determine our county clerk and recorder plus county supervisor in Districts 2 & 4.

For county offices any candidate receiving more than 50% of the June 7 votes is determined the winner.  There will be no further voting for this office in November. 

The Importance of Voting: Because most think June 7 is a Primary only for the purpose of determining who will run for office in the November election, turn-out is typically a mere 30% of registered voters.  Now if a county candidate needs only just more than 50% of the vote, that means that 15% of the county’s registered voters are determining who will lead Ventura County.  Your vote-your voice-is vital to choosing our local leadership!!

City Council, School Board Members & Judges are all extremely important Offices we will be voting on in this Election. We will be working on presenting you with the best voting guides to assess the candidates based upon the grid of who will best align with the valuse & vision of the people of Ventura County. Representing We the People, and not catering to special interests or political pressures.


Go to >> https://venturavote.com for an updated list of voting centers & ballot drop boxes.

Or Drop Your Sealed & Signed Ballot into a Secure DropBox preferably at Your Government Center on Election Day or sooner.

For those who will not be physically present or able to drop ballots into dropboxes, send via USPS early. TRACK YOUR BALLOT at https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/


California election districts have changed for 2022. Type in your address and find out your new legislative and congressional districts.

Find out how your districts have changed by entering your address.

Enter your information to find your officials and candidates, and access a voter toolkit with voter registration information and more.

People who want their voices heard and their candidates in office care about primaries. Smart voters know their votes matter even more in primaries than in general elections.

  • Your vote has even more of an impact. Primaries historically have low voter turnout. If you cast a vote where 1 million people are voting, your one-in-a-million vote doesn’t weigh in as much as when you cast a vote with 1000 other people.
  • This is the best time to get one-on-one time with your candidate. During the primaries, the candidates want to talk with you. They want to hear what issues are important to the people they want to represent. The time to build relationships is now. Once your candidate is elected, they will be busy with bills and other duties of their office. Their time will be very limited and their focus pulled in many directions.