Our Candidates for a Free & Thriving Ventura County, CA

June 7, 2022  Primary Election Quick Guide, plus more extensive Candidate Choices & Description of Offices

The Importance of Voting: Because most think June 7 is a Primary only for the purpose of determining who will run for office in the November election, turn-out is typically a mere 30% of registered voters.  Now if a county candidate needs only just more than 50% of the vote, that means that 15% of the county’s registered voters are determining who will lead Ventura County.  
Your vote-your voice-is vital to choosing our local leadership!!

Ventura County

District Attorney

County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters

Board of Supervisors District 2

Board of Supervisors District 4


Treasurer/Tax Collector


Superintendent of Schools

State of California


Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State



Attorney General

Insurance Commissioner

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Board of Equalization District 2

Assembly District 38

Assembly District 42

Assembly District 46

32nd Congressional House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate Partial Term/Unexpired



Our Pick: John Barrick

Our Pick: Jeff Hargleroad

Our Pick: Tim McCarthy

Our Pick: Ed Abele

Our Pick: James Fryhoff

Our Pick: Ron Speakman

Our Pick: Jeffery Burgh

Write in: Dr. Robert "Rocky" Valles Jr.


Our Pick: Anthony Trimino

Our Pick: David Fennell

Our Pick: Rachel Hamm

Our Pick: Lanhee Chen

Our Pick: Jack Guerrero

Our Pick: Nathan Hochman

Our Pick: Robert Howell

Our Pick: Lance Christensen

Our Pick: Peter Coe Verbica

Our Pick: Cole Brocato

Our Pick: Lori Mills

Our Pick: Dana Caruso

Our Pick: Lucie Lapointe Volotzky

Our Pick: Dr. Cordie Williams

Our Pick: Mark P. Meuser

Detailed Guide


Jeff Hargleroad

Ventura County has been Jeff’s home for 35 years. He has raised his family here and is intuitively connected with the heartbeat of Ventura County on a variety of levels. He has extensive experience as a proven business executive and leader, managing hundreds of employees and large budgets successfully. Simultaneously, for over 25 years, he has managed the operations, finances, and growth of his commercial lemon and avocado orchard operation here in Ventura County. He also has 10 years experience working as a CPA.

We are convinced he will take the time to thoroughly assess the policies and practice of the Clerk-Recorder’s office, Elections Division, etc . and will implement ‘best practices’ to make the office efficient and ensure our VC elections are operating with integrity.

Michelle Ascencion

Current second in command in the Clerk Recorder office.  Michelle has a career in government and represents the establishment.  We do not believe she has the leadership experience to effectively operate this very crucial role in our county, and are concerned she lacks the background, proven leadership and vision to strategically spearhead the efficacy and integrity of Ventura County elections.

Bruce Boyer

Enthusiastic candidate desiring changes in the Clerk-Recorder office, especially concerning elections, but lacks the background experience to run the department.  By his own admission, he is a cowboy, who may therefore have difficulty navigating the governing system in a manner that encourages cooperating by others.

Our Pick: Jeff Hargleroad

This position is vital as it impacts all residents of the Ventura County. While managing vital records and recording important documents, this office’s most critical responsibility is the management, administration and security of our elections. 

The words voter suppression and election integrity are phrases used more and more in the news. Recent polls indicate the majority of voters across the political spectrum believe that the election process requires improvement. I intend to focus on the evaluation of voting processes to identify weaknesses and implement improvements so that the election process will ensure voters are confident in their vote and that the results are unimpeachable.

a long tenure as EVP of worldwide operations at a major movie studio in addition to a senior-level position at a major telecom company. I’ve supervised numerous departments with over 400 employees and hundreds of contract employees that included both union and non-union personnel.  …. FIND OUT MORE


Tim McCarthy

We believe Tim’s long history in our county raising his family, doing community service, and running a security company gives him much better insight into the needs of the residents of this beautiful and diverse county than career politicians who are often out of touch with the local heartbeat of the people, and taking their directives from big government, special interests and remote agencies outside of the county. We are excited to get behind fresh candidates who will truly represent our best interests to Sacramento  and make policies that build up Ventura County to be a place where we and our children will thrive into the future. Tim is an approachable, forthright, sincere, freedom loving, community leader and family man with expertise in security that make him a stand-out candidate in this election.

Jeff Gorrell

Jeff has an extensive resumé in politics, education and the military. His credentials appear to be impressive. However, we have sincere concerns about the well documented crime and homelessness crises which seem to have been left in a troubling state under his watch as Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles for Homeland Security and Public Safety. We also see his endorsement of Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles, whom he has worked closely with over the past 6 years as deputy mayor of LA and under whose mutual watch violent crime including homicide, rape and also property crimes have risen, as concerning. 

Claudia has been in local government in Ventura County for the past 20 years & previous to that was a Newswriter for CBS in LA. While she has many endorsements and tenure as a politician in our county, we feel strongly that the people of Ventura County would experience tangible benefits in our real life daily experience running businesses, raising families and facing the unique set of economic, crime and homelessness challenges facing us at the present time by electing someone to office with recent and fresh perspective from outside the political establishment. Claudia’s focus on authoring an “anti-hate” resolution in seeming overreaction to an isolated incident in TO by what appears to be out-of-town plants sent to stir up tensions, stands in sharp contrast to the actual concerns most people in our county are currently grappling with, such as: “The CLU economic forecast came out recently, and it’s bad news. The economy is reeling, and yet Ventura County government grew by more than 12 percent last year.” 

We believe it’s time for fresh representation from a candidate who has on-the-ground perspective from living and working in Ventura County for the past 25 years – versus one who has been apart of what can often become the political bubble of career politics that grows out of touch with the people and caters to far away special interests and big government instead of listening to, and making policies that affect our lives for the better.

Our Pick: Tim McCarthy


Ventura County government added 2000 employees at the same time they were shutting down businesses. That’s $200 million in taxpayer salaries, starting off with Covid money but next year coming out of our pocket. We can stop it, though, with this election.

I am running for Ventura County Board of Supervisors because career politicians have literally screwed it up. We need new ideas to rebuild our economy, protect our liberties, and reduce homelessness. I am the only candidate who is not a politician and not endorsed by other politicians, unions, or special interests.

If you don’t like what’s happening, it’s a simple fix. Vote for Tim McCarthy

  • Protect our Rights

  • Protect our Health

  • Protect our Families

  • Protect our Vote

  • Protect our County

  • Protect our Economy

Like so many of your neighbors and small businesses who are concerned with the direction of our community, you have the power in your vote to adjust course. Make it count! Vote for Tim McCarthy for Board of Supervisors, District #2.

Protect Our Rights

Our God-given inalienable rights to think, speak and practice religion are not up for debate. All our rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the foundation of our American way of life and they must be protected at all costs. No situation should pause these rights, including viruses, threats, or disagreement with Government.

Protect Our County

While so many communities are defunding the police, we need to retain our trained officers, maintain a high level of quality of service to the community, and recruit the finest men and women of character to uphold a high standard of ethics and morality.  When police arrest someone for breaking the law, the criminal must pay a penalty.  Most, if not all, ramifications of breaking the law have been removed, giving the criminals carte blanche to break the law. We must reverse this trend immediately.

We also need to manage the homeless population since it’s clearly out of control. There are terrible laws and guidelines that limit what public officials can do and this must be fixed. Letting someone sleep on the street or on the sidewalk doesn’t deal with the mental condition that needs to be addressed. Arresting them day after day does not solve the root causes of drug and alcohol addiction or mental illness. We need to be compassionate, yet firm, making sure that the laws will be followed.

Protect Our Family & Health

We have an increase in crime, indoctrination of children in our schools, Government mandates telling us what to do, and an increasing overreach into our homes. I will fight to protect the family and support the families making the best decisions for themselves. You are responsible for your family and with that comes accountability for your children’s futures, your safety, your right to own a gun, and making decisions on whether or not you need vaccinations.

Protect Our Businesses

I am a small business owner and understand the challenges of being over- taxed, rigid employee benefits, rising costs of wages, and skyrocketing gas prices. There’s a reason businesses are leaving, but I will work to reverse these trends and make the county businessfriendly again. The current Board of Supervisors sued businesses for staying open when unprecedented and non-scientific mandates were forced upon them from State officials, and then not challenged by our county. I would have voted NO to the mandates and allow people to make a responsible decision based on the true data available.

Protect Our Vote

Every election, regardless of the office being sought, must be free and fair. Only citizens can vote, we must use voter ID to confirm their identity, provide ballots in mail only when requested from the voter, and prevent people and groups from harvesting ballots. We also need to verify the processes are protected, people can’t manipulate the system, and observers from all parties have a view of the adjudication process.


Protect Our Children

The future of our country is in the hands of our children and their education. They are being brainwashed by extremist groups, teachers, and supported by government, into believing our country is evil and racist, and that white people are to blame. They are being forced to learn about sexual practices, drug use, ignoring their parents, and following social mandates instead of learning how to read, write and think. Let’s work together to reverse this travesty and protect our children and their futures. 

  • Families and children need to be safe from intimidation, crime and discrimination.

  • Law and order are imperative for society to effectively function.

  • Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children, and schools should teach the fundamentals that provide for self-reliant and independent thinkers.

  • Businesses can flourish on their own and government intervention is not needed.

  • Elected officials should be limited to no more than 12 years in any position.

  • Elections should be free and fair with anyone breaking the law arrested for illegally affecting the outcome.

 After years of community involvement, Tim looks forward to bringing his expertise to a position that helps the residents find and enjoy the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


John Barrick

John grew up in Oxnard and went through the public school system there. His combination of experience in prosecuting violent crimes, remaining committed to justice and dignity for victims, and his unique understanding of our county given his background here, make him a excellent candidate for District Attorney. Many seek elected office as a stepping stone to move up the ladder and constantly have their focus on how to make that next move. John is invested in this county and plans to remain here, representing and protecting We the People with passion and excellence. 

He has tried 68 cases in his 16 years as a prosecutor, far more than any other candidate. John has received several awards and recognitions including being one of the few Deputy District Attorney’s to have earned Ventura County District Attorney’s Office Prosecutor of the Year award twice. John has also volunteered his time to Project LEAD, which is a program where deputy district attorneys volunteer one hour per week to teach fifth-graders about the criminal justice system, has conducted training at the Ventura County Criminal Justice Training Academy through the Anti-Defamation League, and has given lectures to the community about hate crimes. John currently serves in Rotary, as a Board Member on the Criminal Justice Attorneys Association of Ventura County, and is a member of the National Latino Police Officers Association. 

Erik Nasarenko

Erik was appointed to the role of DA by our Board of Supervisors when former district attorney, Greg Totten, retired in 2021. Per the Ventura Star article following his selection by the Board of Supervisors some of the rationale for choosing Erik over the other 4 candidates were his responses to the ‘social justice’ questions concerning equity & diversity. 

Whereas John Barrick is committed to Crime Victims coming first, Erik Nasarenko seems to lean toward the lowering of criminal penalties which has led to disastrous fallout across our state, leaving our communities less safe than ever and releasing violent offenders early to terrorize our neighborhoods and businesses.

We need a District Attorney who will do the job of prosecuting criminal activity swiftly and effectively, protecting our families and neighborhoods, and securing justice and dignity for crime victims. We do not need a social justice politician in this vital role, which will not serve the office, nor the people of Ventura County.

Our Pick: John Barrick

John Barrick will be a District Attorney that puts crime victims rights over politics. That is why he is endorsed by our local peace officers.

I will do whatever is necessary, within the law, to ensure that all victims of crime receive justice and dignity. This means that each case is more important than my ego, more important than my pride, and more important than my professional career. My record is proof-positive of my tireless dedication to this rule and the cause of all crime victims, and this is why I am endorsed by our local and state peace officer associations.

Eight months after graduating law school, John began working in the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office in January 2005. John started his career in the Misdemeanor Unit and quickly worked his way into other units in the office. John has worked on a myriad of cases in several different units, which is one of the reasons why he is the most qualified candidate for District Attorney.

Due to his life experience and his dedication to victims, John decided very early in his prosecutorial career that he would live by one simple rule; the case comes first. Simply put, this meant that John would do whatever was necessary to ensure that all victims of crime received justice and dignity. For John, this meant that each case was more important than his ego, more important than his pride, and more important than his professional career. His record is proof-positive of his tireless dedication to this rule and the cause of all crime victims. 

To date, John has tried 68 cases in his 16 years as a prosecutor, far more than any other candidate. John has served in several different units within the District Attorney’s Office, including the General Felonies Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Serious and Violent Felonies Unit, Hardcore Gang Unit, where he was also responsible for prosecuting all non-homicide hate crimes between 2008-2014, and Homicides, where he has been assigned since 2014. John has tried just about every kind of case there is, including assault, robbery, witness intimidation, false imprisonment, drug sales, unlawful taking of a vehicle, criminal threats, first and second-degree burglary, weapons violations, attempted murder, hate crimes, sexual assault, and murder.

Due to his tireless dedication to victims’ rights, John has received several awards and recognitions: 

  • 2013 Knights of Columbus Oxnard Council 750 Prosecutor of the Year
  • 2014 Anti-Defamation League Sherwood Prize for Combatting Hate 
  • 2014 Oxnard Police Department Violent Crime Unit Honorary Member Award for Dedication and Service in Combatting Violent Gang Crime
  • 2014 Ventura County District Attorney’s Office Prosecutor of the Year
  • 2018 Ventura County District Attorney’s Office Prosecutor of the Year
  • John is one of the few Deputy District Attorney’s to have earned this award twice


John has also volunteered his time to Project LEAD, which is a program where deputy district attorneys volunteer one hour per week to teach fifth-graders about the criminal justice system, has conducted training at the Ventura County Criminal Justice Training Academy through the Anti-Defamation League, and has given lectures to the community about hate crimes. John currently serves in Rotary, as a Board Member on the Criminal Justice Attorneys Association of Ventura County, is a member of the National Latino Police Officers Association,  and in 2020 gave a presentation at the California Homicide Investigator’s Association yearly conference, where he and Oxnard Police Department Detective Jeff Kay were asked to present their prosecution of Mayra Chavez, an Oxnard resident who tortured and murdered her 3-year-old daughter in June 2015. Chavez was convicted in December 2018 and was sentenced to 37 years-to-life in prison.

Earlier that year, John also prosecuted serial murderer and Tulare County resident Wilson Chouest, who in 1980, raped and murdered two women, one of whom was pregnant, and dumped their bodies in Kern and Ventura Counties, respectively. Because the identities of the women were unknown, they could only be identified as Jane Does. The cases went cold, and they were only solved decades later through the diligence of the Kern County and Ventura County Sheriff’s Departments. At the time of the trial, Chouest was already serving a life sentence for several violent sexual assaults, but he had a parole hearing fast approaching where he could have been released back into the community. Chouest was ultimately convicted of the Jane Doe murders and received two consecutive terms of life without the possibility of parole.

We need real criminal justice to keep Ventura County safe. We need less career politicians making our streets more dangerous for our kids and businesses. To learn more about me, please watch this video.


Cole Brocato

Cole brings a passionate and resonant chord of strong family values and authentic love for the state of California to his run for office. As a native Californian, he knows and loves this region and is stepping up to make the real changes needed to ensure our families and children, businesses and churches, communities and schools, will thrive and prosper moving into the future. We love that Cole is not a career politician, but rather a member of our community who is willing to make the personal sacrifices required to step up as a leader in these times. We have seen him actively present in our neighborhoods standing up for children and their right to learn in an environment that is not threatening to their future development. As a husband and father of young children, a businessman and builder, youth sports coach, and native Californian, he represents the shared interests of We the People of Ventura County. God, family and country are pillars in the Brocato household. His courage is contagious and much needed in these times.

Steve Bennett

Steve lists the #1 Priority of his campaign as Addressing Climate Change. In the face of financial upheaval, closed businesses, inflation, gas prices, public education woes and criminals being released early, lower penalties for violent crime, the child trafficking pandemic, no bail release of offenders and rampant homelessness, it’s difficult to see how the #1 Priority to best serve the constituents of this district would be Addressing Climate Change. We desperately need elected leaders who are in touch with the crisis proportions of the challenges facing the families of our beautiful Ventura County, and who will actively legislate to address these challenges in a meaningful sustainable way that leads us on a path forward as a thriving community for our children to grow up in and to leave to the next generation. Steve’s political passions seems out of touch with the realities we are facing in this pivotal time.

Our Pick: Cole Brocato

The California government has lost its way and its ability to see that we are FREE people.  Free to pursue happiness, worship and operate a business.  Free to raise our children and free to protect those rights from all who would seek to suppress them. I will fight to reaffirm and protect these freedoms so that tyranny may no longer govern over California.

God, family and country are pillars in the Brocato household. Cole was raised to respect his elders, police and first responders. He was taught to have courage and fight for what is right, to respect and love his country, to stand for the flag and kneel before God. With his wife Stephanie by his side, they instill these same principles to their sons Caleb and Xander. Their boys are taught to believe all goals and dreams are achievable, if they are willing to work hard even through life’s adversities. Without a doubt, these opportunities exist because of America’s greatness. The forethought of our founding fathers, the sacrifices made by them and all who’ve fought since that time, are looked at with much gratitude in their family. 

In 2003, Cole began coaching his younger brother’s Youth Football Team. The belief that children need strong, male role models in today’s society, has always encouraged Cole to be actively involved in that capacity. He spent four years coaching his son Caleb’s Little League Baseball Team.  He is currently coaching youth football for the Oxnard Knights   where he teaches the boys the value of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Since early childhood, Cole learned of pride and honor from his military role models. Two great great grandfathers served in World War I and his great grandfather in World War II. Grandpa Dominic, an army veteran and retired San Jose Police Officer, dedicated 30 years on the force. His father is an army vet as well and took part in “Operation Just Cause” in Panama. 

The women in Cole’s life were equally held in high regard. All had strong work ethics and tenaciousness that inspired him to live up to the example they set. His mom, who had not finished high school, went back for her diploma after Cole was born, making sure her three children realized the importance of an education. 

Cole recognizes the value and pride that one feels from a hard day’s work and understands what it takes to operate a business. He began working at a young age and progressed into higher levels of management and business through various jobs.  Currently Cole runs a successful real estate investing company and renovates homes.    The qualities and skills he has learned from building things with his own hands, makes him a common sense candidate that knows what it takes to get a job done.  Cole Brocato will be the effective change needed to restore, reshape and rebuild California.

The California Assembly needs a true Conservative. It needs outspoken, unafraid and unapologetic leadership that can return this once golden state back to its former glory. Cole Brocato will be the bold voice and common sense logic that we need to fight the disastrous policies made by “out of touch politicians” that have been permeating our government for far too long. 

Cole is a native Californian. That is why he is so committed to seeing his home state thrive and prosper once again. He believes it is possible to strengthen our economy through lowering taxes and regulations on businesses.  This will allow them to keep their livelihood in California, instead of exiting our state in order to survive.   He will work tirelessly to lower property taxes to make housing affordable again.  Future generations of families and businesses should be afforded the opportunities for the California dream that once existed.   

When elected to represent California’s 38th Assembly District, Cole will work hard to eliminate all legislation that impedes one’s individual freedoms and liberties and fight for our children’s rights to learn in an environment that is not threatening to their future development. He sees the ideology of the left that pushes their agenda on young minds as a detriment to our society. Cole is willing to defend parents’ constitutional rights in making the choices they deem appropriate for their own children. 


Lori Mills

I have a six-point plan to make California golden again. It starts with reestablishing as top priorities crime prevention, supporting law enforcement, reigning-in government spending, and addressing homelessness, government overreach, and parental rights.

It’s time for a change, and I respectfully ask for your vote and support to begin that change.

Lori’s history as a Southern California native, businesswoman, mother raising a child through the public school system and active member of the Ventura County community would bring the kind of real life understanding and representation we desperately need in Sacramento. For too long our representatives have been career politicians who are out of touch with the heartbeat of our communities. It’s time for citizen legislators who have tangible and recent experience of the challenges we face and the needs we have because they have been living in, raising families in, doing business in Ventura County. Elected Leaders who know what needs to be done to represent the best interests of We the People. Lori Mills brings energy and understanding, tenacity, and a passionate and approachable leadership presence to this position. We strongly endorse her to bring critical and positive change to Ventura County as our representative in the CA State Assembly.

Jacqui Irwin

Jacqui Irwin has been in politics for over 20 years and representing us in Sacramento for 8 years. We are concerned about the potential conflict of interest, as Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin’s husband, Jon Irwin, is chief operating officer for Santa Monica-based Ring, Inc., a home security and video doorbell startup that Amazon acquired last year for about $1 billion, state ethics disclosures show. Irwin’s prominent role in California’s privacy debate has raised ethical questions about when lawmakers should recuse themselves from legislative decisions and committees.

“Unquestionably when you walk up to that Ring device, it’s capturing personal information,” said Lee Tien, a senior staff attorney for the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the consumer advocacy groups that opposed AB 873. “This is why a company like Ring would be concerned about the obligations imposed on them by CCPA.”

The Privacy Act also threatens to raise costs and reduce revenue streams for major companies that collect, analyze and sell customer information for targeted advertising. Amazon warned investors this year in SEC filings that “government regulation is evolving” and that unfavorable changes could slow growth and increase costs.

To mitigate such effects, trade groups representing Amazon and other major international companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying the state Capitol in recent months, circulating proposed language for exemptions and tweaks.

One of those groups, TechNet, named Irwin a “Legislator of the Year” in 2017.

Voting records show that Irwin has participated in matters that would appear to affect her spouse’s firm or parent company.

We believe that it’s time for a changing of the guard to a candidate who cares more about matters facing Ventura County residents here on our home fronts than focusing on defending the interests of corporate billionaires.

When it comes to the American Dream, California was once the best state in the nation to receive an education, find a great paying job, start a family, establish a business, and buy a home in a safe neighborhood.

Look around today and see how things have deteriorated in this once golden state. Homelessness is at an all-time high. Crime is increasing. Education ranks near the bottom nationally. The cost of living has become too expensive, forcing hardworking families to leave the state. California is headed in the wrong direction and our state elected officials have failed us.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I am running to represent our community at the State Assembly.

Parents Bill of Rights
  • Children belong to their loving parents not the state.
  • Parents decide what’s best for their children and the state should not make medical decisions for the kids.
  • Schools are not the place to teach CRT Racism, or Social Emotional learning, Kids being sexualized and put into race boxes. Children are being taught to hate their Country.
  • Parents deserve freedom of choice for their kid’s education. Children need to learn how to think not what to think.
  • We need a Parents bill of rights.
Support Law Enforcement
  • I strongly support Law and Order, and Equal Justice under the Law.
  • We need to untie our law enforcements’ hands and let them do their jobs to keep our neighborhoods safe.
  • We need to let our officers and courts work with ICE once again so Criminal Aliens do not viciously prey on our communities and law-abiding migrants.
  • Eliminate NO cash Bail, Crime victim’s rights. We must put a stop to the revolving door of crime in our neighborhoods. Eliminate Proposition 47.
  • Eliminate the theft felony of $950, and increase consequences for smash and grab. Theft should not be rewarded.
  • Give our police the best training and tools so they may have the best skills to deescalate crime without the use of force when possible.
  • We must reject the idea that every time the laws are broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. Ronald Reagan.
Reign In Government Spending and Lower Taxes
  • Efficient government spending, Stop top heavy spending. End the Top Heavy prevailing wage. An example of this is the Super intendant of schools is paid $228,000 when the money should go into the classroom.
  • eliminate the Gas Tax, Most neighbors I talk to say they thought they voted no while voting yes. We need to cut the cost of living for our families.
  • Audit the state. We need transparency to see where our money goes.
  • I oppose the death tax the current legislation wants in burden our friend s and family with.  
  • NO on worldwide Net Worth tax.
  • Stop Govt. funding of $800,000 condos for the homeless when we can do something more efficient. The cost is  in the billions, Partnering with Faith groups will help us find a more efficient way to deal with this crisis.
  • Model programs like Loaves and fishes, a ministry that provides food and clothing, cultivates community and promotes dignity to homeless men and women in need. They have created tiny home communities that have counseling, job training, and jobs which give these people a sense of hope.
  • The  #1 Reason most are homeless is due to a catastrophic loss in the family. This leads to addiction and need for community
  • 80% of the Homeless are addicted or mentally ill.
  • We cannot enable addiction in our neighborhoods. We must provide hope, treatment and mental health programs, Crack pipes and injection sites are not the answer.
  • We need to fund state mental institutions once again. This will promote health safety in our neighborhoods.
Government Overreach and Hypocrisy
  • The states Tyrannical Emergency order must end.
  • We need strong checks and balances for any emergency order in the future.
  • The state needs to stay out of the Dr. Patient Relationship. A valuable second opinion by a scientist or physician should not be censored by the state.
  • Hypocrisy of our leaders. They cannot force the public to do one thing while they do another.
  • The censorship of Dr.’s and Scientists that do not go along with the states narrative needs to end.
  • Open California’s Energy Production to lower costs and make us energy independent.
End Illegal Immigration
  • Vetting people at our border is not racist, It’s  our duty.
  • Illegal immigration is not compassionate to Americans or Migrants.
  • In 2021 over 2 million crossed our border from 127 Countries from around the world. This is a National Security threat.
  • Illegal Immigration promotes drug and human trafficking. Fentanyl is killing our citizens at a record rate.
  • Illegal immigration promotes modern day slavery.

Lori Mills is a successful businesswoman, who works for a Fortune 500 company and is recognized nationally among the top of her field. Lori credits her professional success to adhering to her motto – “People come first.” She is dedicated to client satisfaction and selflessly places her clients’ needs above her own.


Anthony Trimino

Anthony Trimino will fight for our families, protect our children and restore our quality of life.

This isn’t about politics—this is about a better future for our kids.


I believe we are in a battle—for our souls, our soil and our liberties. We may be divided, but we don’t have to remain that way. We can unite against those in office who continue to drive a wedge between communities, classes and cultures through the misuse of power, influence and fear.

I’m coming to wage war against those who have unlawfully taken our freedoms, abused their power and caused irreversible harm to California families and businesses.

He’s a problem solver, not a politician

As CEO and founder of one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America and contributing member of the Forbes Agency Council, Anthony has a unique approach to bringing a diverse group of people, ideas and perspectives together to build solutions that address and overcome complex challenges facing businesses, healthcare and our local communities.

Gavin Newsom has presided over an unprecedented $20 billion dollars of fraud in the way of benefits being paid out from the EDD to felons, out-of-state recipients and other fraudulent claims – which all comes out of the California taxpayers pocket.

Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and others [have applied] pressure on the governor to address the unprecedented prison scam.

It includes rapists and child molesters, human traffickers and other violent criminals in our state prisons. It is perhaps and will be the biggest fraud of taxpayer dollars in California history. We need to turn off the spigot. Right now there is no cross-matching between the incarceration data and EDD [the Employmetn Developent Department] on a routine basis like it’s done in 35 other states.

Newsom’s lack of action on the issue and the DAs calling it out are sending secondary shockwaves.

In addition to Sacramento’s district attorney, the DAs from Ventura, San Diego, Fresno, El Dorado, Monterey, Lassen, Marin, and Riverside Counties signed a second letter outlining the “staggering” extent of the rip-off and strongly requested the governor get with the program to go after the criminals.

The letter claims that no one in Newsom’s administration tipped off the DAs to the huge scam. They had to rely on information from federal subpoenas from a federal task force looking into it.

It is unfortunate that law enforcement and prosecutors were not notified by any state agency of this pervasive fraud and had to rely on federal subpoenas to get the information. It was not until November 12, 2020, that the CDCR data with EDD claims was provided to the statewide task force. This data was provided in response to a federal Department of Labor subpoena served on CDCR in September. This information came to us from the federal government and not from the State of California, which had been previously provided with the data.

Within a matter of days, the statewide task force reviewed the data and found the staggering scope of the fraud. Earlier this week, we learned from media reports that the California Department of Labor set the inmate fraud at $400 million. We also received unverified information that EDD has distributed at least $1 billion dollars to out-of-state claimants. We are deeply concerned that the fraud will continue to grow exponentially.

It is obvious to us that Gavin Newsom does not have the best interest of the taxpaying citizens of California at heart.

While this may be his first political campaign, his family has a rich history of looking ahead to build a better future—without the overreaching involvement of government.

Anthony’s grandparents fled Cuba during Castro’s revolution. They sought the promise of the American Dream right here in California—for their family and for their children. They rolled up their sleeves, started a small business that still exists today and built a life they could be proud of.

Trimino grandparents



Like his parents and grandparents before him, Anthony was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep desire to build something from the ground up. He saw that the system was set up to keep minorities dependent on government and didn’t promote independence or self-reliance. Wanting to blaze a trail for those who would have the courage to follow, he started his first business in Los Angeles.


“Our first meal as a family in our new apartment was Hamburger Helper—without the hamburger. We just didn’t have any more than that, but we had each other and our faith. That was enough.” Despite adversity, he thrived. Because the promise of California was real, and his family and future were growing.

“I know first-hand what it’s like to have sleepless nights worrying about providing for your family. But I also know the potential that California offers. Through tenacity, hard work, faith and the entrepreneurial spirit instilled in me by my parents and their parents, I created something better in California for my family and for others.”

Today, the business he started over 20 years ago is flourishing. Over the past year, while politicians were busy closing business and choking our economy, Anthony was busy creating jobs and providing opportunities.

“Through my agency, I get to work with global brands, innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies, but some of the most meaningful work we do is with local organizations that are on the front lines battling homelessness, providing support and relief for families dealing with childhood illness and advocating for youth trapped in the foster care system.”

As your governor, Anthony will bring his entrepreneurial drive to Sacramento. Deeply rooted in faith and family, he will fight against government-as-usual politics and special interests. “I will aggressively and tirelessly work to protect your God-given freedoms and liberties, not restrict or limit them. I will leverage decades of experience to find solutions to the complex challenges we face and make sure the California of tomorrow fulfills its promise—for our families, for our children, for our future.”


Cordie Williams

Cordie Williams will be challenging controversial appointed incumbent Alex Padilla in the June 2022 Open California Primary Election. Vice President Kamala Harris held the seat prior to the 2020 election.

“I spent years in the Marines fighting to make America free and to protect each of our lives from terrorism here and abroad. I am a Republican running for the US Senate because politicians like Alex Padilla are destroying the California Dream by turning it into an unrecognizable third world nation. In 1998, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. My oath did not end when I left the Marines.” -Dr. Cordie Williams 

Dr. Cordie Williams is a strong advocate for the personal freedoms which are enshrined in our Constitution. In the United States Senate, he will uphold the foundational belief that the citizens of California, and all Americans, are at their best when they decide what is in their own best interest. Faith, family, and freedom are at the very core of who Dr. Cordie is. He is unashamed to put his values, shared among most Californians, on full display.

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, the American dream of entrepreneurialism came to fruition for Dr. Cordie as he and his wife Dr. Tania Williams started, and continue to operate today, a successful chiropractic practice in Southern California. Dr. Cordie has put all that he has worked for on the line to ensure that all Californians remain free from government control over their daily lives.

Alex Padilla has held local, state and federal governmental positions for nearly 25 years in Los Angeles, various positions for the State of California and most recently he was appointed to fill the U.S. Senate vacancy created by Sen. Kamala Harris becoming vice president of the United States. In a recent survey he completed he stated that he would like to greatly increase funding in 6 different areas and also does not support vouchers for school choice for private schools so that each family is able to choose which learning environment best fits their child’s needs. This affects poorer families the most and does not offer children the best educational environments to thrive.

We believe fresh perspective is needed with a mindset that puts children and families first, not the various political special interests and pressure to align with partisan political agendas that often ignore the needs of the people being represented.

We believe Cordie Williams brings fresh perspective and insight to this race and would be an excellent representative of We the People by initiating the kind of leadership that will invigorate our next generation to explore their full potential and be inspired to grow and thrive. 


Dr. Williams has spent the entire duration of the pandemic touring the Country promoting freedom of choice solutions. Government involvement in the personal medical decisions of Americans is an infringement of our inalienable rights as detailed in the United States Constitution. Cordie will work tirelessly to end and prevent federal government mandates that harm our economy, prohibit social interaction, violate our personal freedoms, and create more division amongst the American people. Once again, Dr. Williams believes in the ability of American citizens to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their loved ones. As California’s next U.S. Senator he will oppose any and all government-enforced vaccine and mask mandates on Americans.

As a husband and father of two wonderful children, Dr. Williams is in favor of school choice and restoring parental rights in education. With so many failing schools across the State and Country, parents must be afforded the opportunity to explore alternatives in education for their children. Dr. Williams will fight to ensure this essential option is available to all parents.

Dr. Williams is unequivocally opposed to racially divisive material being taught in our schools. He will oppose at every turn Critical Race Theory and fight to ensure the Department of Education does not force one-size-fits-all education policy on our states and localities.

Republican, Democrat, and Independent parents and guardians agree – our schools must be open and stay open! Dr. Cordie has been and will continue to be California’s champion on this critical issue affecting so many American families.

The American economy is broken. And the government is at fault. The government’s economic shutdown as a response to COVID destroyed the livelihoods of many Americans, shuttered businesses, and forced many of them to close – never to return. We cannot wait any longer to revitalize our economy.

Dr. Cordie Williams supports reopening the American economy and keeping it open for good. He opposes any and all mandates that harm our small businesses, and will support common sense efforts to reinvigorate local economies. Cordie will work tirelessly to deregulate our economy and get Americans back to work.

In a recent poll conducted by Big Data Poll, cost of living was the number one concern of Californians. More specifically, likely voters were concerned about state and local taxes, rising inflation, and increasing gas prices. Dr. Cordie Williams is determined to provide a solution to this ever-growing problem. All three issues identified by the citizens of the state he loves can be solved by a decrease in government spending. Working together with fellow Senators, Dr. Williams will oppose all unnecessary new spending bills, and work to create a more fiscally responsible government. When achieved, this will benefit not only Californians, but all Americans regardless of political affiliation.

As a compassionate citizen, Dr. Cordie Williams firmly believes that we should help those who are most vulnerable in our society. Homelessness has become a major issue over the past several decades. With many living with mental health issues, drug addiction, and physical disabilities, Dr. Cordie believes it’s far past time to provide relief to our fellow Americans. Working with Congress, Dr. Cordie is committed to creating a task force to study these issues and finally help. The time for talk is over.